Providing vocational rehabilitation services to Washington employers and insurers since 1998.

Our Main Services

What Barron Consulting Does

Barron Consulting Services provides vocational rehabilitation services as mandated by State and Federal workers compensation programs, as well as to employers who offer privately underwritten long disability insurance, and employers who voluntarily request vocational rehabilitation consultation.

Why Choose Barron Consulting Services

There are four reasons to choose Barron Consulting Services to provide vocational rehabilitation services.
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Since 1998, Barron Consulting Services has been providing services employees and insurers.


Years of Experience

Very Experienced

Over 30 years in private sector rehabilitation in Washington state.

Excellent Credentials

Highly qualified, and many years of continuing education.

Proven Track Record

Excellent record at the Vocational Dispute Resolution Office and the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. No remanded cases.

You Deal With Only One Person For All Your Needs

Employers and insurers refer directly to me. There is no intermediary and no marketing person to deal with.