About Barron Consulting Services

Barron Consulting Services is a sole proprietorship founded on April 1, 1998.  From the outset, it would be a known challenge to survive among all the larger vocational rehabilitation firms who were my competitors, many of them very talented, and who I knew as part of my professional network.  But, I was enthusiastic, persistent, and focused, so I made it work, and have carried those qualities through to the vocational rehabilitation services I provide.

Barron consulting Services continues to be a sole proprietorship for many reasons.  I rather make my own decisions.   I choose to be independent, which enables me to set my goals realistically without, making promises I can’t keep.

 I foster independence in individuals with disabilities. When this is too difficult, cases are managed in such a way as to continue a steady momentum toward vocational closure.   I like to prepare my cases as if I am going to court.  So I am thorough, and I leave no stone unturned. But, also being realistic, I will do what is cost effective, unless it is unavoidable because of mandated legal requirements.

When the employer or insurer needs information and a rationale for providing vocational services, I take the time needed to address questions, give my opinion, and educate them as to what is possible.  I do my best to be honest with all, and to individuals with disabilities, I will explain their rights and responsibilities regarding vocational services and refer other questions about their claim management to the employer or insurer, as they prefer.

Barron Consulting Services offer quality case management and vocational counseling services based on those qualities of being persistent, focused, realistic, thorough, honest, and informative.  I welcome any comments or questions regarding my services anytime.