Job Analysis

I have completed hundreds of job analyses.  As well as determining employability,  job analyses can be an integral part an employer’s integrated disability management program.

  • I have helped employers develop a bank of job analyses, which meet A.D.A. requirements and that are functional and useful in a variety of situations.I have helped employers to explore and create new positions when possible, and to develop plans to bring injured and ill employees back to work.
  • I have met with health care providers for their review and input on the physical or mental job requirements and if an incremental plan to increase hours gradually may be required for a successful return to full time employment.
  • I have monitored the return to work program and assist all parties in ensuring that it will be a success.


Many job modifications can be done more easily than one might think.  Sometimes, the modification may involve such revisions as:

  • modification in work hours
  • reassigning work tasks
  • job share
  • grips on handles & wheels
  • replacement of buttons with levers on machines
  • a new keyboard (left or right handed keyboard, stand-alone numerical keypad etc.)
  • re-arrangement of furniture, equipment, supplies to easy access
  • purchase of special equipment-height adjustable chairs, desks, electric staplers etc.
  • a note taker
  • aids for vision (magnifiers, lighting, large print screen etc.),
  • aides for hearing (TDD, visual alert devises, vibrating beeper etc.),


The Job Accommodation Network (J.A.N.) is a valuable resource during this process, which can be used by anyone, the employer, the claims examiner, or the employee.  When it is appropriate to enlist an ergonomist to evaluate necessary accommodations, they may be able to advice on this, or I can coordinate.

Job analyses are an important part of the vocational services required by Washington State’s Workers Compensation Program, and the US Department of Labor, long-shore division.  Job analyses outline  both physical and mental requirements of an occupation and will serve as the basis for the health care provider to approve or disapprove and as the foundation for possible job modification.