Vocational Assessment

For Barron Consulting Services, the vocational assessment is a process of gathering information about an individual with a disability: work history, educational & training history, physical & mental abilities, aptitudes & interests, military service, hobbies, barriers to employment, and  information about family and social milieu.   The purpose is to determine what responsibilities the employer, insurer, or government entity might have under  Federal or State workers compensation regulations, an insurer’s privately underwritten policy for long-term disability benefits, and the Americans For Disabilities Act.

The elements of the assessment process can consist of all of some the following:

  • Transferable skills assessment
  • Psychosocial assessment/behavioral assessment, including an assessment of motivation.
  • Medical file review and a medical chronology
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Vocational second opinion
  • Employability assessment/Ability to Work assessment
  • Job analysis, physical or cognitive
  • Vocational Testing
  • Assessment of return to work options


Ideally, the best outcome for cost containment for employers is to re-employ the individual with disabilities.  When this is not possible, a thorough vocational assessment will be the foundation of sound and objective recommendations for supporting employability or providing further vocational rehabilitation services with the goal of  returning the individual to gainful employment.