Vocational Planning & Counseling

  • Vocational planning may consist of selecting viable job options for return to work, and exploring formal vocational training, or on-the-Job-training,


  • My vocational rehabilitation management experience allows me to work with individuals with a wide variety of physical and mental abilities and disabilities in a professional and collaborative way. This can include a whole range of individuals with orthopedic, neurological, mental diagnoses including psychiatric and learning disabilities as well as individuals with brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.


  • I make every effort to involve individuals in the plan development process. Sometimes full participation by the individual is not demonstrated for a wide variety of reasons, but I understand the psychosocial factors, which influence people’s choices, and try to develop a sound plan, which they might be willing to participate in. In either case, I will re-review vocational testing results, make sure the medical information is up to date, and evaluate the labor market before making final recommendations.


  • Monitoring a vocational plan is as important as the development of a plan itself. Once the plan is in motion, an accountability agreement acts as a practical guide for what is expected during the implementation of their plan. The agreement is objective, reasonable, and based on expected behaviors.


  • When appropriate, job search assistance is part of the vocational rehabilitation plan and may include: Resume, cover letter, job search techniques and tips, record keeping, interviewing, networking, informational  interviewing, salary negotiation, understanding and describing physical restrictions and understanding the ADA guidelines about an individuals and employers rights in the hiring process.